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Celia Sherrod Carroll 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks Week 4

A puzzle sorting Celia Sherrod/Brooks/Carroll-Cal

Celia is my 2nd great grandmother, born in Alabama during October 1864.  According to family verbal history her parents are Silas and Lucy (Shackleford) Sherrod.  This researcher has found no records to verify them as her parents.  Questions occurred while researching Celia for her surname is all over the place in documents as listed below.

1870 US Census, Township 4, Range 8, Lawrence County, Alabama
 Household #296, Lewis Brooks was head of household with his wife Salina, age 30, female, mulatto, born in Alabama.  Living with them are Lydia 15, Danielle 11, Rebecca 6, Celia 4 (recorded as Delia) and Amanda 2 all born in Alabama.  No relationship is indicated.   Believe this is my second great grandmother, Celia.

1880 US Census, Township 4, Range 8, Lawrence County, Alabama
In 1880, Celia is listed as Celia Brooks age 16, living with Salina Brooks, age 38 a widow head of household.  Also living in the house is Mandy Brooks 12, Henry Sherard 4 and Dee Suggs 20.  Salina is listed as a mulatto who is farming.  Silas spelled Cyrus in the 1880 census is living in Lawrence HH#19 is 50 years old farming and black smith having been born in AL and both parents born in Georgia, along with his wife Luisa, age 42 and son, Earens, 19.

1882 Celia married Henry Carroll/Cal on March 13, according to family records.  The Lawrence County Records show this couples name as Henry Cole and Celia Brooks.  Since there are no other bride and groom with these first names in the Lawrence or Colbert County Records and we could not find anyone in the Lawrence or Colbert County Census by these names this is more than likely our Henry and Celia.  Land Henry own in Town Creek is on the borders of these two counties.

1900 Celia and Henry Carroll are living in HH 218 Leighton Beat, Colbert County Alabama with their children.  Now we are getting somewhere for the Carroll and in some cases, Cal name are the surnames passed to the current generations.
Celia and Henry have ten children, nine sons and one daughter.  Celia’s blessings are having ten children and ten living along with a successful husband that own land.

1908 Celia and Henry’s son, Cyrus (record spelling) Silas Sherrod died on 13 November at age 21 and was single.  Alabama Death Record recorded his parent’s surname as CAL.

1910 Celia was preparing Christmas dinner and wasn’t feeing very well and like most housewives and mothers of the time kept going, so the family history goes.  On the day after Christmas she took to her bed and died.  Alabama Death Index 1881-1974 recorded her as Celia Corral, birth about 1868 with a death date of 26 December 1910.

Celia is buried in the Cal Family Cemetery in Colbert County, Alabama.  This is a cemetery started by her husband, Henry Carroll/Cal on his land that was set aside for the family.  www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~alcolber/cem-aa-cal-1.htm


The focus in this post is recorded surnames of Celia, my second great grandmother.  What a puzzle it has been sorting out and filtering out documented pieces of her life.  While this is a shorten version of the search, there is much more to the story that supports how I came to the conclusion that these records belong to Celia.  What is in a name and how to find family comes to mind as the love of a Family Historian moves forward. 

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